Himalayan Crystal Salt vs Sea and Rock Salt

Himalyan Crystal Salt vs Sea and Rock Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt: The Benefits of the Earth’s Purest Salt

One of the basic ingredients needed when we cook our food is salt. And did you know that there are different kinds of salt? Most of us use rock salt in cooking not knowing that this decreases our life span. The salt that we regularly used nowadays is mainly composed of sodium chloride. These two elements are not that beneficial compared to the elements that a natural salt has. Most people are not well informed about this particular kind of salt that has all the natural elements, which is similar to the elements that our body has. This all-natural salt is called Himalayan Crystal Salt. The salt originates from primal ocean and has been dried under the Sun when pollution does not exist. So it is considered a non-toxic salt as well.

Salt has equal importance with water. So if we are required to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, we have a daily requirement of salt in a day so that hydroelectric energy can be generated from our body. It will also help our digestive and nervous system, muscles and brain to function properly. But the salt that we need is not the regular table salt.

Rock salt usually comes from the ocean that is now polluted because it is used as to dump garbage and any harmful toxins. This causes the natural elements of a salt be disconnected from its crystalline form. With this, the body needs to exert a lot of energy so that the vital elements and minerals can be absorbed. So there is a big risk that the elements is a rock salt can be useless because our body can experience difficulty in metabolizing them. Also, rock salt only contains sodium chloride. This will be unhealthy for your body since it may cause fluid imbalance, which can lead to gall bladder and kidney stones, rheumatism, arthritis and others. Furthermore, taking rock salt can be a poison in your body. This may happen if your salt intake becomes greater than salt disposal.

Although rock salt is considered to be a cheap and good alternative than table salt, it still doesn’t come close with Himalayan Crystal Salt. Crystal Salt from Himalayas can easily be absorbed and metabolized by our body. The reason behind this is that crystal salt has enough compression, thus, its structure is perfect for our body. This perfect structure was formed due to exposure to enormous force without any impurity.

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