22 May 2012
Testimonial by ChrisTestimonials

I was inspired by Dora in November 2011 to do something about my health! I thought I was healthy enough (for my age) but I was constantly tired and had no energy. There was nothing wrong that I could quantify but I knew I wanted more energy. After listening to EW talk about all of the chemicals we are putting into our bodies, and more importantly the result of those toxins, I realised I needed to do something. So after Christmas I decided that I would give Neways supplements and the Healthy Eating Plan a go!

I began the new way of eating on 11thJanuary including cutting out alcohol! That was the killer, but that is what made a lot of difference I believe. I weighed in, on my own scales at 72kg so at 5ft 5ins that was heavy enough! The first few weeks were really difficult and I think I was talking to Dora for support about every other day – she must have been sick of me. However in the first week I lost 4kgs so that was really good and gave me the incentive and determination to continue.

A week later, I had my acrylic nails removed! That was very traumatic for me as I have always taken pride in my appearance and now my nails really let me down, so of course I kept them hidden as much as I could.

During the following few weeks I lost about 500g per week, which was not as much or as quick as I would have liked, but it was definitely something. Four weeks after beginning the program I went to look after my daughter in law and 2 grandchildren (3 & 8 yrs each) for a month as she had an operation. During that time I was in total control of cleaning, shopping, cooking and eating and so I found the plan easier to maintain, plus of course, regular contact with Dora. I must say though I was impatient for my energy to return, which it wasn’t doing to my satisfaction! I was definitely feeling better, but not every day. Some days were really difficult as I didn’t want to walk, wanted to rest (and couldn’t with the children) but through it all Dora kept me focussed and on track!

After a month, I returned home and it was then that I found none of my clothes fitted me! I got on the scales (I hadn’t used scales whilst away) and to my amazement I had lost 10.5 kgs and realised I did feel much better. I must say that I still had days when I was not energetic, but those days were becoming less and less.

My weight has stabilised at 58kgs over the last month and I am still maintaining the basic eating plan with a little deviation occasionally (I am human). However, when I do digress from the plan, my body tells me about it so I just return to the better way of eating.

I believe I still have a way to go with my energy levels as I have had a lot of years previously to build up the toxins and as with everything, it all takes time. That was my biggest lesson, to allow it all to take time!!!! In this modern world we are so conditioned to have instant fixes that we forget we are dealing with the body which does not react quickly to anything. It does it in its own time, which is not always what we want. It is however, what our body does best.

One of two side benefits has been that I no longer take regular medication for my gastric reflux – which I have been taking for at least 10 years. So that is excellent. Also, I have noticed that my hand joints are now no longer painful when squeezed. I believe I had begun to develop a form of arthritis. So of course I am continuing all of my supplements.

EW’s guidance and Neways supplements have been excellent and I would recommend everyone to get themselves into the acid/alkaline balance which EW so convincingly espouses. Of course you will also need the genuine and fabulous ongoing support of Dora too.

I have found the book “The pH Miracle” by Robert Young to be inspirational. I have also found a lot of good recipes and hints on the internet under Raw Food and of course, I would also recommend Eileen Paxton of ‘Chewz Raw’ fame.
Spread the word, health is good and we can all be free from “dis-ease” if we do the right thing by our bodies. My added bonus is that I know that I am now beginning my older maturity with the right conditions for a healthy old age. So look out everyone I am so healthy and energetic I feel dangerous!!!!

Chris H 22 May 2012

Mary C Testimonial January 2012

In February 2011 I met the most amazing woman. Her name is EW. I had a meeting with her, after I had attended a health session held at Dora’s place, (another amazing woman) a few weeks prior. Having heard her incredible story, I knew I had to catch up with this lady as I had serious health issues which were debilitating me and affecting my life. I have had this condition called Vestibular neuritis for 15 yrs which causes severe vertigo, nausea and keeps me in bed for weeks at a time. My only form of ‘control’ was to be on tablets prescribed by my doctor, which have serious side affects and can damage internal organs. My condition was terminal and as the doctor said, “ït’s something you have to live with for the rest of your life.” Even with taking these tablets daily, there was no guarantee that I wouldn’t have an attack at any time – and that was the case.

My meeting with EW was inspiring and she was able to tell me, simply by looking into my eyes and my demeanour, what health issues I had. She suggested I do a course (12 weeks) of the following vitamins/minerals: Feroxin, Orbital Plus, EFA Krill Complex and ChelaMin. Within weeks I began to notice a change in my health. Initially, I was hesitant to stop taking my tablets, so I gradually weaned myself off them. This was the scary part as I had been dependent on these tablets for 15 years. The 12 weeks have been and gone and I am now completely off my tablets!!! I still take the Feroxin and the Orbital Plus to maintain good health and a steady head. I’m not “floating” any more and I can get out of bed every morning, not fearing if I’m going to have an attack at any time.

It is now January 2012 and I still take the Feroxin and the Orbital Plus. This is my maintenance program and I’m loving it! I have energy, clarity of thought, a steady head and I am healthy again! I’m now taking a course of vitamins for my menopause, Endau transitions, as this has been absolutely marvellous. My hot flushes have subsided and I don’t feel like I have got morning sickness every day, all day! Another wonderful result and I know it will only get better.

What can I say! I am eternally grateful to Dora for introducing me to this fantastic health plan and to EW (like Dora), who tirelessly gives of her time and expertise to help others make informed and life changing decisions for a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Yours sincerely,
Mary C

3 February 2012

Dear Dora,

I wish to share with you my excitement at a big turn around in my health in the event the information is of some assistance to others.

As you know, I went to America in July, accidentally breaking two ribs just before boarding my flight for L.A. in Melbourne (I have osteoporosis). Within three days of arriving in N.Y., I became ill with a very bad cold, which developed into pneumonia within five days of arriving in USA. I tried to recuperate as much as I could before traveling home three weeks later.

On arrival in Adelaide I had great difficulty breathing walking up the ramp and my friend was really concerned as she had never seen me so ill. I tried to just rest as I thought it was probably still the pneumonia and I should be right in a week or two. Unfortunately this was not the case and my doctor sent me for an X-Ray of my lungs as my wheezing was so bad, the results of which determined my left lung was partially collapsed.

I inherited Glaucoma from my father, which was discovered in 1981 and have been treated for this ever since. In May last year I was given laser surgery to help – which made a big improvement. My eye pressure has been as high as 38 – I nearly lost the sight in my right eye then. The lowest pressure I have had over the years is 19 in my left eye and 23 in the right eye. I understand the normal reading is 15. I was due to have my second laser treatment on Friday 12th August but was so sick I had to cancel this. My specialist asked me to make an appointment to see him as soon as I was up to it.

My GP had asked me to call back and see him in about 2/3 weeks. At that time the doctor also decided I should have another lung function test to see just how this partial collapse had impacted on my lung capacity.

My preference has always been for natural alternatives rather than drugs – which I really hate taking. I started back on my old regime of Swisse Women’s Ultivite – 50+ years – (I am 68 years young); Vitamin D3 1000IU; and Naturalcare Healthy Joints. I was determined to try and give my body the best chance to fight the problems I was dealing with.

When you invited me to your Health Talk on Friday 11th November, I decided to attend and brought a friend along. My husband died of cancer eight years ago and during his five years with this insidious disease, we were informed patients with his secondary advanced cancer normally only last six months. I had discovered Neways on my many searches to try and help my husband. I swear these products + Noni Juice are what made him able to withstand chemo and radiotherapy every week for five years! I also thought it might be of some help to me this time.

Feroxin, Ming Gold and Transfactor were ordered that night and delivered by Dora on Wednesday 16th November, all of which I added to the other things I took mentioned above.

On 1st December, my friend Marie, Dora and I met with EW, a naturopath to have a discussion on each of our personal health problems and set us a task of changing our food for three months to detox and determined how much I should have of each of the natural therapies. I got down to this immediately.

The following day I had my second Lung Function Test at Ashford. On Wednesday 7th December, just short of one month from starting on the Neways products, I had an appointment with my GP to receive the results of the Lung Function Test. I was diagnosed with chronic asthma and my lungs were only working at one quarter of their capacity! No wonder I was so tired and out of breath doing normal things! Unfortunately, the medication for this if I wanted to have any chance of repairing my lungs was steroids and another drug!! Not happy Jan!!! I hate drugs but the doctor told me he knew this but said it was my only chance at improvement to my lungs. I bought the prescribed medication that day and started it immediately. I also rang you this day to ask if you could speak with EW and find if there was something else I could take to help me offset the prescription medication in Neways products.

I had an appointment with my eye specialist on 19th December, to see if I could have my second lot of laser surgery. I had been told by the Asthma Foundation to let my specialist know I had chronic asthma as the medication for this was detrimental to my glaucoma. When I advised my specialist of this, he threw his hands in the air and told me it worked both ways. Glaucoma drops works against the chronic asthma and vice versa!! I asked him what we could do as I didn’t want to lose my sight. He said he will need to reduce the medication to a very gentle one as good eyesight is not important if you can’t breathe!! Concentrate on your breathing! He then took my eye pressure and we were both so disappointed as it was up to 30 and 32 in each eye!!!

Dora you then told me EW suggested 15mls of Radicate in 250 mls of water and brought me a bottle to use the next day. I started this immediately but advised I had to stop taking the Transfactor. CG thinks this was due to the medication I was on. After a few days I reduced the Radicate to 10mls and everything settled down then.

I had my next appointment with the eye specialist on Monday 30th January and he insisted on the glaucoma vision field test prior to seeing him. The great news is the test showed a marked improvement on my vision field since the end of 2010 test. Best of all was the fact the blood pressure in my eye had reduced to an amazing 16 in the left eye and 21 in the right!!! The best result ever since I have had glaucoma!! I can only suggest that ”the new kid on the block – Radicate”, has been responsible for this great result and I had only been using it for thirteen days! My specialist was thrilled and I told him I was taking Neways products to help and be more proactive. He said keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working.

My lung capacity has now slightly improved as instead of blowing the flow meter to just 200 – 220, I am now blowing 240 – 290!! So thank you for your help and care Dora and for EWs’ quick response to my concerns re the steroids. I do not know if others will respond as I have done to this but perhaps it will be of assistance to someone, in which case it will be well worth putting the facts down.

My sincere thanks

Jan A

24 April 2014

Hi Dora,

Just wanted to update you on something as I think this is pretty amazing.
I have my third period since taking the Oracle Plus.

As I mentioned previously the 1st period was after a month of taking two Orachel Plus twice a day.

This was giving me headaches so I changed to one twice a day after about two weeks and my head settled down.

The good thing is as you know I used to suffer from painful periods and it would include vomiting, bloating, 7-10 zits and back pain for the first three days and include extreme tenderness and swelling of my breasts for about 10 days before my period. I have suffered with this since I was 16 years old.

So my progress I am happy to say has been.

First period… no tender or swollen breasts and only a slightly painful period (achy) and zits. no vomiting or back pain.

Second Period…. no tender or swollen breasts at all… no warning pain when periods were starting… only a slight ache the first and second day of period. No vomiting or back pain

Third period…. no back pain, no painful breasts, no vomiting NO ZITS, second day and no pain yet… very small bleeding…

Maybe I’m going thru menopause???

Anyway I am liking the changes… so nice not to wipe out three days a month out of my life!!!


23 March 2014

Hi Dora,

I thought I would update you on my progress with the products.
I have only been taking the three products (Feroxin, Orachel Plus Lactoflora) and have not changed my eating habits properly as yet however have had improvements in some areas.

I have not had sore breasts for two months. I have a sore neck from the heaviness still but I have not had PMS sore breasts at all to the point where I am getting my period without any warning. I usually have two weeks out of four with breasts so sore that I cannot even touch them.
The other change is this is my second period since taking everything where I have had very minimal pain.

First month I had only a few painkillers. This month none so far. This is the first time in 18 years that I have not had painkillers nor wanted to vomit with pain. The products are the only thing I have done differently which is why I didn’t change anything else because I wanted to see if they did anything on their own and they have.

That’s the only thing I wanted to tell you.



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